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Steve Denton

Calgary Alberta Canada

Wanted to let you know that we are grateful for your empathy and good old fashioned customer service regarding this nightmare during Covid. Thank you for offering us a credit for travel in 2021. Cant wait to visit Newfoundland when we are allowed to travel again.

The Fletchers

Ottawa Ontario Canada

We were so disappointed that we had to cancel because of Covid but understood why! Vision Answers all my questions and gave us a credit to use for 2021 . Great service and looking forward to travelling with you (Fingers Crossed in 2021).

Aug 2019

Doug and Elspeth Moore

Brentwood Bay BC Canada

Joy was a big asset to our trip. She was very helpful in getting things switched around before we came to St. John’s, adjusting times so we weren’t too rushed on the first day. Vision arranged the car rental, accommodations, and excursions but were also most helpful answering our many questions if we needed explanations, before-during-after. They were always available during the trip, within a few hours, replying by email. Great advice, good maps. I’d recommend anyone to use Vision Atlantic to plan their travel.


Sept 2019

Rachel & Doug Mercer

Beaufort North Carolina USA

Rated the overall service provided by Vision Atlantic Vacations excellent.

Great trip planning. Would recommend Vision Atlantic Vacations to others!

July 2019

Gerry Mueller

Warterloo Ontario Canada

Excellent service provided by Vision Atlantic Vacations. A flawless trip.
Joy Drover was a treat to work with, both by telephone and by email, and really worked hard to put a driving holiday together for us that exceeded our expectations. She also provided helpful hints when there might be an issue with our additions and modifications to the pre-set itinerary we started from, such as making sure that we knew about the need for dining reservations when we were in an area on a night on which most local restaurants close. Would recommend Vision Atlantic Vacations to anyone.

Sept 2019

Gino Romanese

Unionville Ontario Canada

Excellent service provided by Vision Atlantic Vacations! Vision Atlantic made the trip easy and fun. We learned so many things about Newfoundland and Canada. At the end of every day, we would always marvel at all that we had seen and experienced that day. Vision Atlantic made it possible for us see visit all 3 UNESCO sites in Newfoundland. We will certainly travel with Vision Atlantic again…Labrador, here we come!!! Thanks to everyone at Vision Atlantic; you were very helpful and accommodating.

Sept 2019

Colin Laight

North Vancouver BC Canada

Excellent itinerary and service provided by Vision Atlantic.  The staff were extremely helpful. We enjoyed a wonderful and memorable vacation.

Sept 2019

Alan & Garcie Garfinkel

. Florida USA

Vision Travel helped us to plan a trip when other agencies told us it was impossible. Not only did they plan it perfectly but continued to help us when we wanted to extend the vacation. Personal, friendly service that takes into account exactly the style, budget and wants of each individual traveler. Each property was hand picked for our tastes and the itinerary thoughtfully arranged to make our vacation enjoyable, fun and unforgettable. Our trip planner Joy was so friendly and knowledgeable that every moment working with her was incredible!

Sept 2019

Kelvin & Dawn Keach

Downers Grove IL USA

Excellent itinerary and service provided by Vision Atlantic. Yes, would recommend Vision Atlantic Vacations.

Sept 2019

Carol Lorraine Stewart

Toronto Ontario Canada

Excellent Service!

This tour is one of the world’s best kept secrets! Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a genuinely fun adventure with great folk in CANADA! Gorgeous scenery! Would go again in a heartbeat. Thank You Vision Atlantic.

Sept 2019

Holly McLean

Bathurst NB Canada

Excellent service by Vision Atlantic Vacations! They made every effort to accommodate my limitations and did. I would and do recommend this trip to anyone and only wish we could return.

Aug 2019

Georgina Bayley

Pickering Ontario Canada

Joy Drover was excellent in her responses to me. We communicated solely via email and it worked seamlessly.

Aug 2018

Robert Whyte

South Portland Maine USA

We toured Newfoundland and Labrador with Vision Atlantic, and it was a wonderful trip. We wouldn’t have done anywhere near as good a job if we had organized it ourselves. Vision Atlantic took all the guess work out of the trip, and this was very important to us because of our limited knowledge and time. We could just sit back and enjoy it. Great Job!

Aug 2019

Charles Hanlon

Sunset Beach North Carolina USA

Contact with our travel agent Joy Drover was excellent. She stayed in touch with us by email and phone to work out all trip details. I’m so grateful that this trip became an actual reality for my son-in-law and me. It was absolutely amazing and the trip of a lifetime! Many thanks!

Aug 2019

Wally & Lorraine Kemp

Bradford Ontario Canada

In June 2019 we decided that we wanted to return to Newfoundland in August 2019. On this short notice Joy (Vision agent) put together a great itinerary meeting all of our expectations. She was a joy…no pun intended, to work with, if the occasion ever arises again we would certainly use Vision. Fantastic!

July 2019

Cindy & Dean Archer

Belmont Ontario Canada

If you love nature and beautiful countryside this area is for you. Hiking trails were second to none with plenty of views of whales, moose, caribou and of course puffins. The people are friendly, courteous and have a great sense of humor. We spent 10 days but even then we wish we had more time to really absorb all the Newfoundland had to offer. We will definitely be coming back! Thank you Vision Atlantic for providing us with a spectacular vacation.

July 2019

Peter and Sara Taylor

Atlanta Georgia USA

From the first phone call at the planning stage to the follow up upon our return … great service, recommendations and communication. Did not expect this level of service from a travel company.

July 2018

Brenda & Dennis Tomik

Red Deer Alberta Canada

Joy was extremely friendly and helpful. Questions were always answered promptly. Great Service.

July 2018

D. Connelly

Oakville Ontario Canada

Vision worked with me to accommodate my specific itinerary requests. The directions provided were easy to follow. Would highly recommend.

July 2018

Donna Wilson

Chatham Ontario Canada

Joy in the reservations office was always available to answer any questions we had about the trip and made several recommendations. a ‘Joy’ to deal with!

July 2018

John and Debbie Petch

St. Catharines Ontario Canada

If you are planning a trip to Canada’s east consider leaving that planning up to Visions Atlantic. We have used Visions Atlantic for self drive tours of Newfoundland and New Brunswick. The accommodations have been excellent, the car rental were trouble free, and the easy to follow itineraries were very enjoyable and hassle free.

July 2018

Ben & Rita Moore

Orlando FL USA

Was nervous about booking a trip to the Maritime provinces and usually book our own hotels etc but glad we found Vision Atlantic. From start to finish was excellent. Great knowledge and service. Wish you did other destinations in North America!

July 2018

Lyle & Barbara Stricker

Hastings Ontario Canada

All Contact with Vision Atlantic was pleasant and prompt. Great Service.

June 2018

Les & Donna Olson

Livelong SK Canada

Very good service. Flexibility of staff and very accommodating. Overall very lovely vacation!

June 2018

Greg & Bev Smart

Kelowna BC Canada

Excellent service by Vision Atlantic. Questions & concerns were answered in a timely manner.

June 2018

Ginny Cowan

Toronto Ontario Canada

We highly recommend using Vision Atlantic to prepare your trip and tour of Newfoundland – friendly and accomplished personnel.

June 2018

John & Marilyn Frostiak

Balmertown Ontario Canada

I would highly recommend Vision Atlantic to arrange a visit to the east coast. They seem to have the uncanny ability to understand from a short conversation your needs and expectations and translate that into a memorable vacation. The travel documents provided were an excellent resource to assist along the way.

June 2018

Diane Morgan

Crystal Lake IL USA

In a world where good service is hard to come by,  Vision Atlantic’s service and delivery were excellent. Would highly recommend.

June 2018

James Kedzierski

Toronto Ontario Canada

This trip was above the expectation, starting from the route organized by Vision. Accommodation was another great point, we had the best views, and rooms. That was one of the greatest travel experience we had, well put together!

June 2018

Sheldon & Lil Fulton

Calgary Alberta Canada

From the first contact with Joy to the last departure from St. John’s we had a great experience with Visions – Joy looked after booking our trip in reverse (Deer Lake start to St. John’s departure) – the blue (guide) book was perfect – maps – places to visit and great destinations – and the hospitality at the accommodations was welcoming. This trip thoroughly exceeded our expectations – and they were quite high – booking it through Visions was clearly the best decision we could have made – Thanks for the wonderful adventure

June 2018

Carth Burns

Montreal QC Canada

Vision Atlantic listened to our needs very carefully. They gave us exactly what we were looking for and more. A nice balance between planned and free exploring time.

September 2017

Judy and Dennis Hastings

Windsor Ontario

From our very first contact with Barb at Vision Atlantic, we knew we were in knowledgeable hands. We truly appreciated Barb’s support and sound advice as we planned this holiday to Newfoundland together. Everything went just as smoothly as planned and the 11 day’s of accommodations, boat tours and other prebooked adventures were fabulous.

Sep 2017

George van Wensem

Saanichton BC

The guide book was very helpful and we liked the package and format in the carrying case. Great trip.

Sept 2017

Linda Ledbetter

Renfrew Ontario

Vision Atlantic knows how to create the perfect adventure vacation. Absolutely no complaints. Accommodations were lovely and always clean. The legendary warmth and lively humour of Newfoundland locals was quite the experience. Our tour took us on some breathtaking routes with views that filled our hearts and cameras. I must mention the hiking! Oh wow!

Next we will tour Nova Scotia, via Vision Atlantic of course.

Sept/Oct 2017

Nancy Dyar and Tom Higgins

Oakland CA USA

We had a wonderful time on this perfect itinerary which gave us dozens of suggestions of places to explore while easing the burden of finding good accommodations along the way.  Virtually everything was perfect.  And Vision Atlantic has an excellent reputation in the tourist world.  Highly recommended.  Only negative:  we never saw a moose.

Sept 2017

Edward Huttenhower

Hope Valley Rhode Island USA

This is the third trip we have taken using Vision Atlantic. They have all been excellent.

June 2017

Mr Henrichsen

Bowen Island BC

Joyce was very helpful in planning the trip, with visits in all 4 Atlantic provinces. if I would have done it myself, it would have taken an enormous amount of time. The itinerary you came up with was fantastic. We have travelled a lot, and know that things can go wrong, but on this trip absolutely everything was perfect. This was a very well arranged tour, and for anybody who wants to see Atlantic Canada I can highly recommend it

July 2017

Peter Paciorek

West Caldwell New Jersey USA

I really enjoyed my interaction with the staff and they went out of their way to help finalize an itinerary and were very helpful in making changes when the airline changed the arrival time so I needed my rental car early. The itinerary (and the folder it came in) provided was very good and comprehensive in providing directions and things to do at each location…..this was a good “backbone” onto which I could add additional things if I wanted to. The information on distances between locations was good as it allowed me to plan my departure/arrival times accurately. A great service to someone who is not familiar with the location!

Aug 2017

Angela Kusturin

Sudbury Ontario

I would highly recommend booking your next trip with Vision Atlantic Vacations.   In my opinion, the time alone to plan and try to book all this makes it excellent valley for the money. The accommodations were superb, with breakfast being supplied daily, and were very conveniently located.  The rental car was also very comfortable and good on gas.  Our boat excursion to Western Brook Pond was breathtaking.

Aug 2017

Anne & Alan Featonby

Milton Ontario

Using Vision Atlantic was the perfect way to organize our trip to Newfoundland. We loved the itinerary, the accommodations, the suggested activities! Thank you!


July 2017

Wallace & Lora Loge

West Kelowna BC

The tour package which was sent became an invaluable tool in us having an excellent experience.

July 2017

Ruth anne Carlyle

Simcoe Ontario

Attention to detail was much appreciated…maps, directions, tickets etc.

June/July 2017

Peter Hurst

Vancouver BC

I felt my plan was a bit last minute but everyone at Vision pulled together so well and made it pretty effortless. No snags at all.

Aug 2017

Helene Grandmaitre

Ottawa Ontario

Our experience with Atlantic Vision was amazing. We had one of the most wonderful trips in our lifetime. The staff were helpful and knowledgeable. They worked with our budget. They responded quickly to resolve a small problem, as they have an e-mail and contact number for urgent situations.

July 2017

Carl Chin

Richmond Hill Ontario

The two service agents who put together my itinerary were not only efficient friendly but always available when needed. Their knowledge exceeded my expectation and being in the industry could not have asked for better service. It is good to know there are professionals who exist today and give as wonderful service as we had.

Vision Atlantic without doubt lives up to it’s name as “Vision”, as they “care” and offers superb service … willing to make you feel as a VIP and is always available 24/7.

Without them our trip would not be as it was a trip that was excellent

July 2017

Sarah Middleton

Edmonton Alberta

Really fabulous service… knowledgeable and efficient and made us feel we were being listened too! Our trip of the Maritimes was wonderful. Great accommodations, excellent suggestions of what to see and to so that we didn’t miss any highlights. Highly recommend the ladies at Vision Atlantic.

Aug 2017

Wendi Smith and Bob Milne

Ottawa Ontario

We were looking for a vacation that would give us a “curated experience” – enough organization to hit the best attractions, without feeling herded or rushed. Newfoundland and Labrador were wonderful – and having a vacation set up by people who work and live there was awesome.

June 2017

Joanne Zatylny

Regina Saskatchewan

I highly recommend Vision Atlantic Vacations if you are planning a Maritime tour.  Joy was wonderful to work with and planned our itinerary and booked all our accommodations and rental car. We requested to change a couple of details in our itinerary and Joy was quick to make the changes to our accommodations. It was a trip of a lifetime!

June 2017

William & Maureen Bracken

Calgary Alberta

Newfoundland is our last province to visit…and it lived up to our expectations.   Visions Atlantic self drive tours made the trip easy to enjoy the best places at a leisurely pace.

June 2017

Phyllis Spencer

London Ontario

All communications were clear and timely. No complaints. Vision Atlantic did a fantastic job of arranging all that we needed. It was our first visit to Newfoundland, but not our last.  We will be contacting Vision to help with our next trip to the Rock!  Many thanks to all of you.

June 2017

Ken & Debbie Mansell

Amherstburg Ontario

It was a pleasure dealing with the team at Vision Atlantic.  They chose the perfect tour for us and the package was arranged to suit our needs for the time we were there. What a wonderful trip!  Thank you Joy and the team from Vision Atlantic Vacations for arranging everything for us.

June 2017

Carol Graham


Visions provided the flexibility in planning our itinerary to our needs. Recommended tours and excursions stretched both expectations of ourselves and our imaginations. We’re so glad they did. It is a huge province but we feel we got both our time and money’s worth exploring as much as possible within our time frame. It has also left us wanting to go back!

We would definitely use Visions Atlantic again ourselves and have already referred many friends and fellow travellers to the company.  I know we could never have arranged such good accommodations on our own and would have missed many opportunities and experiences left to our own devices.  I had already explored bus tours and know this to have been a far better value for us.


September 2017

Kathy Lavitt

Calgary AB Canada

With the cold January weather surrounding us my husband & I are thoroughly enjoying the photos we took on our trip to Newfoundland during September 2017. The memories are vivid of your beautiful province and the itinerary you suggested for us gave us a great over view of what Newfoundland has to offer. Thanks Joy & Barb for all your help. You made our travels very easy.

July 2017

Henry and Deanna Huber

Cincinnati Ohio USA

It was easy working with Joy in getting our trip together so we could visit Quirpon Island. All the documents were easy to follow. A job well done! No problems with any of the vouchers.

July, 2017

Kathy and Paul Smelser

Jarvis Ontario Canada

Thank you Vision Atlantic for my greatest vacation ever. It started out wonderfully dealing with Mandi and Joy. They made everything easy and took care of everything our party of 4 needed. We booked the Authentic Newfoundland tour and it was just simply amazing. All the accommodations were A1. Everything we needed, maps, accommodation voucher, tour travels, etc was mailed to us with plenty of time to go over it all. I loved Newfoundland and hope to return there someday and when I do, I will be booking through Vision Atlantic.

August 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Drynan

Sherwood Park Alberta Canada

We asked Vision Atlantic to build us a custom 16 day itinerary for our honeymoon. We travelled through Newfoundland and Labrador as well as the French town of Saint Pierre of Saint Pierre and Miquelon. Every day, we made memories that will last a lifetime. Many thanks to Joy for answering our questions promptly, responding to our requests, respecting our budget, and for helping to make our honeymoon as memorable as possible. We will use Vision Atlantic again in the future.

July 2017

Aysun Kuck

Toronto ON Canada

Congratulations Vision Atlantic for doing it right!! We enjoyed an incredible experience on our Authentic Newfoundland trip. All the tickets/vouchers were supplied and easily accessible and Maria was a delight to deal with. She took care of all the details. Wonderful food, spectacular views and special extras like the picnic at Ferryland Lighthouse. We are already planning our next excursion with Vision Atlantic. I have told all my friends about you!!

August 2017

Anne & Alan Featonby

Milton Ontario Canada

Thank you Vision Atlantic for a spectacular trip! It was wonderful to have our self drive vacation totally organized by people who know where to go, what to do, where to stay and how long it takes to drive from here to there 🙂 We couldn’t have done this ourselves. We highly recommend your services.

June 2017

Steve Rollwage

Orleans Ontario Canada

Many thanks to Barb at Vision Atlantic Vacations. We just completed a self-drive tour around Newfoundland – from St. John’s to Trinity Bay, Twillingate, Main Brook, Gros Morne and finally Steady Brook. All of the arrangements worked well, including a change in accommodations when the ice pack precluded us from getting to Quirpon Island. We received good value and great service. We would not hesitate to book through them again.

Sept 2016

Mrs Clancy

Hamilton Ontario Canada

So happy that we found you. We were so overwhelmed trying to make the reservations ourselves and what surprised us the most that you were in fact cheaper! Great knowledge, wonderful service and saved some money too. Cant wait to recommend you to our friends and family.

June 2016

Mr Gager

Ottawa, Ontario

The Service was wonderful. We received all papers/vouchers we needed on time. Any requests or needs were met promptly. Joy was easy to work with, very friendly and had a good sense of humor. Great service, wonderful planning and very helpful. Trip plan showed us the spectacular and beautiful areas of upper Newfoundland.

May 2016

Ms Tierney

Dundas, Ontario

We particularly like the fact that Vision Atlantic provided local knowledge of lodgings and interesting sites to explore. We were not disappointed.

June 2016

Mr Rittenberg


Thank you Barb for working with us, and for understanding what we were interested in. Vision Atlantic lives up to its name. The attention to detail, the knowledge of accommodations, the recommendations for activities made the difference between an ordinary visit and a great vacation.

June 2016

Mrs Ailles

Courtenay, BC

Vision Atlantic did everything that we expected and when we had one problem (not their fault) they arranged alternative accommodation and refunded the difference in a timely manner. Great service.

May 2016

Mr Bowden

Ottawa, Ontario

Our Vision Atlantic experience gave us good value for the money and our representative while travelling, Joy, was worth her weight in gold. She was proactive in solving a couple of unforeseen issues that arose in a very timely manner. We will use Vision again in our next trip to Eastern Canada.

June 2016

Mrs Giles

Boston, USA

We would like to say that we have had the most wonderful Vacation ever. Everything went just as planned, thanks to your very informative itinerary…

July 2016

Mrs Lucas

Kitchener, Ontario

I would just like to thank you and your staff for organizing an unforgettable vacation. Once again, thanks for all the hard work which you put in to making everything go without a hitch.

Aug 2016

Mrs Binks

Boston, USA

Once again, thank you for arranging our Vacation – your service is first class and never disappoints, which is unusual nowadays. I will be in touch again to plan our next adventure.

Aug 2016

Mrs Cornwall

Ottawa, Ontario

Joy, the lady I dealt with was fantastic. She answered all my questions and we think made our holiday perfect. This vacation was a complete contrast to our first 4 weeks in Canada which was spent in large hotels or on via rail sleeper. We loved the bed and breakfast accommodations. The old world charm coupled with the warmth of the owners and staff made the holiday just magical.
Exceeded all expectations. A fabulous holiday staying in fantastic properties run by friendly staff and owners. All pulled together by Visions fantastic staff.

Aug 2016

Mr & Mrs Bennett

Victoria, BC

Being totally confused and uncertain in what to do for a vacation to Newfoundland, I contacted Vision Atlantic Vacations who recommended a self-drive trip to Newfoundland. I did not realize that companies like yours existed!
I was certainly not disappointed and thank you for allowing me to see all the highlights!

Sept 2016

Mrs & Mrs Ible

Vancouver, BC

This trip was a perfect fall holiday, with an interesting variety of things to see and do in a two-week time frame. The accommodations were all very good to excellent and we enjoyed the variety, from heritage homes to mid-town hotels. We’ve already been sharing our enjoyment with our friends. We would highly recommend Vision Atlantic.

Sept 2016

Mrs & Mrs Woodford

Ottawa, Ontario

The information package was very well put together, the vouchers for various accommodations were clearly marked, and the places we stayed were great. We would use Vision Atlantic services again, very professional and knowledgeable.

June 2015

Mr & Mrs LeBlanc

Montreal, Quebec

We just wanted to say thank you for organizing our honeymoon of a lifetime – it was truly fabulous. We will definitely be recommending your company to our friends and family

Sept 2015

Mr Dukakis

New York, USA

Two years ago, we spent 13 nights in Newfoundland and 5 nights in Nova Scotia. We decided we would like to spend a vacation in each Province. 2015 saw us spending 3 wonderful weeks in Newfoundland and this year (2016) we returned again for 3 weeks in Nova Scotia, with 2 nights on Prince Edward Island.
Nova Scotia is a glorious Province! Mountains, forests, beautiful scenery, picturesque coves and sandy beaches hidden away around every corner…
… The Canadian people are so friendly and helpful, driving is a pleasure – 6 cars and its rush hour!! Thank you once again for organizing yet another wonderful holiday for us.

Aug, 2015

Mr & Mrs Leonard

Toronto, Ontario

The itinerary worked flawlessly and all the various arrangements you made clicked into place with no problems for us whatsoever. All the hotels were excellent and we were very comfortable wherever we went. Thanks for taking such care over all the arrangements and we shall certainly put ourselves into your hands for our next vacation to Atlantic Canada. We will be back!

July, 2015

Mr & Mrs Hicks

Red Deer, Alberta

We are safely home and have had a wonderful vacation. Thank you very much for all your work arranging everything. We had no problems, we were expected everywhere, your organization was fantastic. We met many people in RV’s and coaches and explained to them how our vacation was organized – you may be getting some calls and e-mails.

June 2015

Mr & Mrs Peterson

Calgary, Alberta

What a find’ your company has been, how hard you must have to work to produce such a wonderful comprehensive journey for me, and I thank you so very much, not only for this trip, but for listening and understanding our needs.

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